THE story BEHIND Real Rides ltd.

Kayton Coughey has been passionate about custom anything ever since he was old enough to hold a set of tools on his own. His past projects include a 68 Camaro, 56 Caddy, 72 El Camino, and, more recently,  pimping out a Dodge Spacevan - all of which can be viewed in our gallery.

Real Rides Ltd. began its life in 2006 as a one-man-band in a grubby little block garage. In 2008 Kayton moved the business into it's first real factory, and took on a young trainee. Today Real Rides is located on Foundry Road in Silverdale, has 6 incredibly talented full-time staff, an awesome paint booth, and many, many projects on the go.

Real Rides caters from the smallest of repairs to full restorations and rebuilds - the scope of work is endless.  Kayton and his team are passionate about cars and are known for their award winning custom rebuilds. Come to them with an idea and they will soon make it a reality!