THE MAN BEHIND Real Rides Limited

Kayton Coughey has been passionate about custom "anything" since he managed to walk on his own two feet! His first real grown up custom - A Ford Anglia! More recently, custom push bikes for his kids, 68 Camaro, 56 Caddy, 72 El Camino & most recently a real project, pimping out a Dodge Spacevan! All of these which you can view in our gallery. Real Rides Limited began its life in 2006, a one man band in a very small grubby block garage. Moving up in 2008 to a real factory with one great young trainee, then on to the current premises located at Foundry Road in Silverdale. Real Rides now has 5 full time incredibly talented staff, an awesome paint booth & many, many projects on the go! Real Rides caters from the smallest of repairs to full restorations and rebuilds. The scope of work is endless. Kayton, his crew, & his family are all passionate about this business & customizing anything to make it bigger, better, louder and faster!