Our wet-abrasive sandblasting system allows us to remove virtually any coating from any surface, without the use of harmful acids and chemicals.

Uses and Applications


Unlike traditional sandblasting; our wet-abrasive blasting system doesn't generate any of the heat or friction that causes metal to warp, making it the ideal method for stripping cars.


We can quickly and efficiently strip your boat or trailer of everything from anti-fouling paint, to epoxy and other coatings, to heavy marine growth.

Trucks & Heavy Machinery

Fleet vehicles and heavy machinery often use industrial strength coatings and decals that can be difficult to remove. However, we can remove even the toughest coatings with ease.

Surface Cleaning

Our system combines the best aspects of power washing and traditional sandblasting, making it the perfect method for cleaning and restoring brick, stone, masonry, concrete, and more.

Rust Removal

Our blasting process allows us to clean away existing surface rust, and also prevents the surface from flash-rusting after blasting.

Road Marking Removal

Wet-abrasive sandblasting will completely remove paint, tar, and oil stains from pavement, leaving everything looking like new again.

Perfect For Vehicle Restoration

Wet-abrasive blasting is the ideal method for cleaning and stripping classic cars – and here’s why:

1) It’s Fast… Like, Really Fast
As opposed to other methods such as sanding and grinding, which can take days to strip a vehicle, our wet-abrasive sandblasting system allows us to strip an entire vehicle back to bare metal in a matter of hours.

2) Endorsed by PPG
Wet-abrasive blasting is the only blasting method endorsed by PPG, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive coatings.

Sandblasting a classic car

3) No Warping
When traditional dry-abrasive comes into contact with metal it creates friction. Friction generates heat, and heat causes metal to warp – especially thin panels such as bonnets and boot lids. The water used in our blasting process actually cools down the surface of the metal, eliminating the risk of any friction. No friction means no warping, making this the ideal method for cleaning and stripping classic cars.

Sandblasting a classic car

4) Perfect Primer-Ready Surface
Your paint job is only as good as the surface preparation. We can remove paint, rust, primer, and dirt in one easy step. Our process cleans as it strips, and also prevents flash rust for up to 72 hours after blasting.

5) It’s Just Safer
Wet-abrasive sandblasting strips away coatings without the use of harsh acids or chemicals, making it an environmentally-friendly alternative.

You're in good hands