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Real Rides is a muscle car restoration workshop in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in the restoration of 50s-70s American and Australian muscle cars and restomods.

Update – 67 Chevelle

You may remember back in 2018 we got together with NZV8 to chat about our concept for a pro-touring 67 Chevelle. Well, a couple years ago we came pretty close to making that concept a reality.

We built this 67 Chevelle Malibu back in 2021, before it found a new home with Richie down in the South Island. It had a 383 with Weiand supercharger and a 4″ inch cowl scoop, however Richie decided he wanted something a little more highway friendly.

After making it’s way back up the country, we’ve grafted on some air scoops from a 66 Chevelle and been hard at work making them functional on the 67. The 383 has gone, making way for a 500HP LS2 and 4-Speed Auto. She heads off back down south next week!

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