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Real Rides is a muscle car restoration workshop in Auckland, New Zealand. We specialise in the restoration of 50s-70s American and Australian muscle cars and restomods.

Update – Kris’ V8 Anglia

It’s been a few months since we’ve given an update on Kris’ V8 Anglia project, so here’s the progress to date.

We have fitted up all the running gear, including the supercharges 347W by Prescott Engines, 4-speed automatic transmission, diff, radiator, and driveshaft. We’ve built and installed the exhaust and headers. We’ve also installed the 4-link rear end with Watts link and coilovers, as well as the Rods by Reid front end.

We’ve fitted the new custom wheels, and our fabrication team has made and installed custom all-metal wheel arch flares. We’ve also fabricated a new trans tunnel and firewall to house the new transmission.

The car is now in the first prime stage, with the underbody and engine bay having been painted last week. Mechanical assembly is underway, and a new wiring loom, Dakota Digital gauges, and standalone trans computer for the BTR4 are all on the to do list.

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